We design the projects that are aimed at building and
reconstructing, modernization and major repairs to the
sites of power engineering.
Key purviews
  • Building machinery halls of power stations.
  • Building and construction of an industrial platform.
  • Designing separate systems and units of power stations.



We work on designing projects for building the power grid
Key purviews
  • Development of electricity supply schemes of industrial consumers.
  • Designing electro grid objects including reconstruction and modernization of substations and power lines up to 750 Volt inclusively.
  • Designing systems of operative supervisory management of electric grids, means of telemechanics and telecommunication.
  • Designing systems of relay protection and automatics in electric grids.
  • Development and analysis of schemes of power capacity.



We work on developing mechanical equipment and special steel constructions for hydropower buildings of any type of power plants and navigation channels.
Key purviews
  • Hydraulic valves which consist of mobile and immobile parts and serve as a tool to opening and closing water supplies of hydropower buildings.
  • Gates of navigation channels
  • Garbage-holding bars and floating barriers for protecting the turbine paths of Hydroelectric Power Station from polluting.
  • Load-lifting equipment
  • Crane runways



We specialize in upgrading, technical re-equipment and reconstructing existing nuclear power sites in Russian Federation.
Key purviews
  • Auxiliary equipment and pipelines on the territory of machinery hall of Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Designing Nuclear Power plant industrial buildings.